Top 5 TMC Things

This morning I woke up, home from #TMC16, where my wonderful colleague showed me the ropes. I drank my morning latte out of the very appropriate mug pictured.
As I write this, I have TMC-induced ADD, with five million tabs of blogs and resources open. It even took me a long time to link to @PIspeak because the act of going to twitter is now like….

I learned so much at TMC and it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and distracted. It will take me a while to dive deep into the things I want to understand and adopt, but my goal for this blog is to be a short, quick, Top 5 digest.  Here goes nothing.

Top 5 TMC Things I’m taking to my classroom….

Explore Math: I tweeted that my #1TMCThing is using @samjshah‘s Explore Math to help my students understand that Math is Beautiful. I think that some of the mathematics, independence, reading level, etc. required makes this more appropriate for my 8th graders than my 6th graders. I’m going to dedicate a day this week to figuring out what systems I want to use to implement it in my class.

WarmUps: From the Warm-Up session by @algebrainiac1 and @lisabej_manitou, I want to decide on a schedule of warmups. This is secretly a 5-for-1 because each of those is going to be something new or something I’ve been meaning to implement more: WODB, Counting Circles, Number Talks (too many links to link to just one…), etc.

• Differentiation: Really enjoyed morning session on differentiation by @park_star. Here are my SketchNotes. Gotta sit down and go through the resources on the wiki.

Fractions: The session on fractions by @bstockus was fantastic. Started a great conversation with @tracyzager  who sent me to this blog by @mathminds.

Tracy Zager: Tracy Zager’s keynote gets its own place. Just watch. Forget the great teaching ideas, it just made me feel valued. It reminded me that I have a very important role in making sure my students’ conceptual understanding is grounded in real mathematics. It invigorated me to work hard to make this year a rich one for all of the 6th graders I’m about to meet.

Top 5 New TMC Friends

I’m looking forward to following these friendly people…

@RPhillips Math (a.k.a. Mama Phillips) – Becca was so fun to meet! Loved talking to her about life, love, and learning! .

@solvingforx – I had a great time with Nicole at the TMC newbie dinner. Gotta print out the very cool 3-D illusions she showed us via her husband.

• @Lisaqt314 – Made me giggle so much, simplified my life with Chrome extensions, and inspired me to try and do “You Can Do The Cube” with my students as part of our own Varsity Math or whatever we choose to call it.

• @crwblt05 – The best way to announce your new friend crush is with a GIF on twitter apparently. Looking forward to communicating about 6th grade.

@wmukluk – I went to Wendy’s session on her problem solving course that used “Crossing the River with Dogs” and then I got 2.5 minutes to chat with her about her school and Brooklyn during TMC Speed Dating. Made me miss Brooklyn!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 TMC Things

  1. mathtans says:

    Good job narrowing things down to five! Between your mention and a few others, I’m starting to regret not taking more time while there to learn more about that talk on fractions. All the best going forwards!


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